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      » Science and industry join forces to unveil manta ray mysteries
      » WiT awards for innovative academics
      » UQ examines the social networks of wild giraffes
      » Mozzie Research Creates a Buzz
      » Dying for sex – extreme mammal habits
      » Scientists discover a hidden giant
      » Scorpions take sting out of pain
      » Mystery of California’s killer rattlesnakes solved
      » Vintage venoms lose none of their bite
      » Rare free chance to dive into coral reef studies
      » Rethink needed on turtle conservation
      » Australia’s gum trees ‘at risk’
      » De-extinction – Professor Hugh Possingham on Radio National
      » UQ tops Australia in Biological Sciences - QS World University Rankings by Subject 2014
      » School of Biological Sciences recognises highest-achieving undergraduate students of 2013
      » UQ uses maths to prevent wildlife road deaths
      » Sugar responsible for shooting
      » Study brings greater clarity to sex roles
      » Dying coral reefs threaten the livelihood of millions
      » Temporary setback in the recovery of Palauan reefs following Typhoon Bopha
      » Plant diversity down to birds and bees
      » UQ School of Biological Sciences Artist In Residence program
      » Investigating animal pest invasions in Australia
      » Live chat with dinosaur expert Dr Steve Salisbury - 3 June 2014
      » 100 million year study shows a sheltered start breeds evolutionary success
      » Frogs shed skin to rid disease
      » Which endangered Australian animals should we save? - Professor Hugh Possingham on 612 ABC
      » Protected areas failing vulnerable species, researchers say
      » Anthony Romilio wins 2014 award for best student paper in Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology
      » New species of fossilised wood found in Winton
      » A/Prof Bryan Fry at the Shine Dome 'Seeing the woods for the trees: understanding venom evolution as a guide for biodiscovery' [VIDEO]
      » Global industries partner with UQ on diverse research projects
      » Ecosystems can have their fish, and we can eat them too
      » Huge insect diversity revealed by genetic technologies
      » ARC Future Fellow success
      » Playing God with species conservation - Professor Hugh Possingham in The Sydney Morning Herald
      » Starfish spike on Great Barrier Reef [VIDEO]
      » UQ strengthens ties with India
      » Art meets science in the Queensland outback
      » Dr Kerrie Wilson scoops Scopus award
      » Master of Conservation Biology graduates first cohort
      » Great shorebird migration under threat - Dr Richard Fuller in The Sydney Morning Herald
      » Monarch butterflies built for migration
      » Rooftop expansion adds new dimension to Heritage listed building
      » Celebrating Goodman Foundation support of marine science
      » Steve Irwin Memorial Lecture - Dr Hamish Campbell
      » Climate change leadership needed to preserve Great Barrier Reef
      » Release the sterile males: perfecting new controls for mosquito borne disease
      » Rapid climate change likely to challenge animal resilience
      » Bacteria study to help malaria fight
      » Obituaries for coral reefs may be premature, study finds
      » Reef named in honour of UQ marine scientist
      » Running faster equals disaster
      » Flock of bird boxes land at UQ
      » Get involved in the Centre for Marine Science TalkFest
      » Few friends for shy kangaroos
      » Saving Barry the turtle is a group effort
      » Dumping Abbot Point dredge spoil on land won’t save the reef
      » The dusky dottyback, a master of disguise in the animal world
      » Dr Steve Salisbury discusses dinosaurs on ABC Radio
      » Study vindicates the benefits of no-fishing zones on the Great Barrier Reef
      » Collaborative conservation can save Borneo billions
      » Tracking dinosaurs in the Kimberley
      » PhD candidate Caitlin Syme talks taphonomy with Paleo Talks
      » Running faster equals disaster [VIDEO]
      » Fossils reveal tropical marine ecosystems under threat
      » Egg-stealing goannas get GPS trackers
      » We need to get smarter to save shorebirds from rising seas
      » 'The Thin Green Line - Planning for Brisbane’s growing population whilst maintaining its rich biodiversity' - Hugh Possingham [VIDEO]
      » Climate engineering ‘might save coral reefs’
      » AAS Fellowship honours researcher’s contribution to plant knowledge
      » Meet the Australian wildlife most threatened by climate change
      » Before we build Jurassic World we need to study recent extinctions
      » Why I Love: surrounding myself with venomous critters
      » Biological Sciences researchers in two successful ARC Linkage Projects
      » Natural selection in black and white: how industrial pollution changed moths
      » Hiding in plain sight – a new species discovered in South East Queensland
      » Protecting Australia’s Lake Eyre basin means getting our priorities right
      » Deadly jellyfish "milked" to save lives
      » Fishy business: Cleaners with happy clients
      » Don’t fall off! The delicate balance of outrunning a predator
      » Size matters when crocs are on the move
      » World’s turtles face plastic deluge danger
      » Crocs suffer in competition with humans
      » Counting underwater vital for marine conservation
      » Antarctica’s delicate ecosystem on thin ice
      » Research Station delivers unique science experience for island guests
      » Science, framed through an artist’s lens
      » Hostile shores
      » BIOL researchers share in funding success
      » UQ graduate’s forensic expertise assists in regulating illegal trade in listed shark species
      » National sustainability student conference provides important forum
      » Canadian university honours Biol Sciences researcher
      » Bee may not be the be-all and end-all for crop pollination
      » Weak links push migratory birds toward extinction
      » Major gaps identified in marine protection
      » UQ in the depths of “blue carbon” research
      » Australia’s new armoured dinosaur revealed
      » Five Fellows show the way of the future
      » Study gets an earful of how mammals developed hearing
      » Decisions to conserve food webs – Google, AI and the web of life
      » Small but deadly: The chemical warfare of sea slugs
      » ‘Like second-hand smoke’: Worst emitters least affected by climate change
      » Hot water puts crocs at risk
      » New framework unlocks secret life of plants, with land management to benefit
      » Sudden ban on fish throwbacks could harm ecosystems - researchers
      » On the cards: Card gaming for science engagement
      » Plastic not so fantastic for marine creatures or our diets
      » New book focuses on the most prolific creatures on our planet
      » UQ researcher’s icy dinosaur hunt
      » Decisions to conserve food webs – Google, AI and the web of life
      » Mapping where people go with social media and night lights
      » Fishing for the future of coral reefs
      » Great Barrier Reef risks losing tolerance to bleaching events
      » Newly funded UQ project aims to help in managing Great Barrier Reef
      » From rainforests to reefs: The Australian-based conservation master’s with four biomes at its doorstep
      » UQ scientist to lead global conservation efforts
      » Clever fish avoid being caught in angling hotspots
      » Protecting migratory birds when our beaches have gone to the dogs
      » Corals most important for building reefs are now in sharp decline
      » UQ still Australia’s number one in Nature Index, with Science researchers featured
      » BIOL researchers celebrate success in ARC Linkage Projects round
      » Shorebird conservation plan draws on UQ research
      » Our dry continent has a secret worth saving
      » The world found Nemo, but can we save him?
      » Frosty fossil forage to Antarctica a roaring success
      » What can extinct species do to help conservation?
      » Four BIOL staff awarded UQ fellowships
      » Research branches into genes responsible for better plant yields
      » CEED Director joins National Academy of Sciences
      » Coral death toll climbs on Great Barrier Reef
      » Learn about sharks in bite-size pieces
      » Measuring impact of Kenya’s ivory burning urgent say UQ scientists
      » Shocking discovery: Brisbane River catfish breaks world record
      » Innovative blood facility enables global disease research
      » Bright spots shine light on the future of coral reefs
      » UQ helps protect Malaysia’s marine life
      » Glowing reference to UQ research in new Attenborough TV program
      » Media neglect puts native insects at risk
      » Tapping fishers’ memories reveals long-lost fishing trends
      » Seaweed threatens Pacific coral reefs
      » Dose of nature is just what the doctor ordered
      » Scholarship winners will explore land and sea at Moreton Bay Research Station
      » Crabby honour for UQ scientist
      » UQ researchers seek help to preserve Solomon Islands biodiversity
      » Birds on top of the world, with nowhere to go
      » Help scientists find Nemo in Queensland with new app
      » Oil, gas and marine parks really can coexist in our oceans – here’s how
      » Antarctic women scientists put the heat on Wikipedia
      » Human impact on the world slows despite population growth
      » At peace with the forest
      » Advances in science help industry produce better quality pearls
      » Rising world temperatures pose serious risk to eucalypts
      » UQ environmental researcher selected for prestigious German government program
      » Conservation scientist receives honour from PM
      » Fish can be fooled – just like humans
      » Teaming-up to protect the land
      » Digging habits of the echidna unearthed
      » Awards for UQ’s fabulous women researchers
      » Study highlights dilemmas in conservation decisions
      » Pitting mozzies against mozzies to stop the spread of disease
      » This snake is a killer of killers
      » Shuffling genes to create new species explained in mathematical model
      » Four environmental reasons why fast-tracking the Carmichael coal mine is a bad idea
      » Accelerated level of climate change impacting ecological processes
      » Hard soils no headache for pocket gopher
      » UQ scientist picks up Academy of Science award
      » Overgrazing by warm water fish contributes to destruction of underwater kelp forests
      » World’s largest coral study shows that choosing the right partner means life or death
      » Daylight saving could save koalas
      » Three rising stars join ARC College of Experts
      » Seizing environmental opportunities under a Trump Presidency
      » At peace with the forest
      » Alien birds follow global wealth and power
      » Research finds sea shells are as unique as fingerprints
      » Call for more ambitious marine conservation targets
      » Ferals running rampant
      » Better explaining the world around us
      » Resurrecting extinct species might come at terrible cost
      » Into Hot Water
      » Fulbright scholar will study new pollen-counting techniques
      » Tipping the scales – equality in science
      » How cobras developed flesh-eating venom
      » Environmental researchers win Mahathir Science Award
      » Scientists mobilise as bleaching returns to Great Barrier Reef
      » Reduction in Moreton Bay wetlands poses threat to fishing industry
      » Spinifex and snakes: women in STEM applauded
      » Lack of staffing, funds hamper protected areas
      » 'Australia's Jurassic Park' the world's most diverse
      » Fanged fish’s heroin-like venom could lead to pain treatments
      » Touching the smell – when does a mouth become a nose?
      » Explore your coastline at the UQ Biodiversity Roadshow
      » Humanity tested as planet warms and species move poleward
      » UQ leads Australia in ranking of top-10-rated subjects
      » Bouncing between social commitments harms offspring
      » Powers of attraction could decimate deadly starfish
      » New centre to shine light on environmental health
      » Citizen scientists help identify shorebird extinction threat
      » Little known naturalist recognised in new UQ study
      » Lack of human intervention results in mammal’s climate change extinction
      » Conserving rare species when de-extinction is an option
      » Venom becomes more potent as brown snakes age
      » Shelf sediments reveal climate shifts through the eons
      » Regular coral larvae supply from neighbouring reefs helps degraded reefs recover
      » UQ environmental star wins prestigious science medal
      » PNG expedition discovers largest trees at extreme altitudes
      » Cane toads have a salty secret to protect themselves when shedding skin
      » UQ student’s coral research benefits from generous endowment funding
      » Fishery history highlights substantial declines for important species
      » Species on the Move team wins $20,000 national Peer Prize for Women in Science
      » Tiger sharks need international protection
      » Australian study uses new technique to challenge brain development hypothesis
      » Race to protect Australia’s migratory birds: Australian Ecology Research Award winner for 2017
      » Palm cockatoos drum up a storm
      » A hoot of a study
      » Sowing new seeds of knowledge
      » Lizard venom may contain clues to treating blood clots
      » Online trove captures global biodiversity data
      » Biodiversity conservationist one of the State’s new Young Tall Poppies
      » UQ graduates in Africa work to conserve Great Apes
      » Why tiger snakes are on a winner
      » Sub-tropical corals vulnerable, new study shows
      » Researchers discover how fish recognise toxic prey
      » From the crime scene to the courtroom: the journey of a DNA sample
      » The secret life of whale sharks no longer a mystery
      » Antivenoms ineffective for common fatal snakebite
      » Australia’s Brigalow forests almost gone in 60 years
      » Eighteenth century nautical charts reveal coral loss
      » Increasing effective decision-making for coastal marine ecosystems
      » Toppling the crown
      » Biding time could improve conservation outcomes
      » Avoiding environmental decisions where good intentions have bad outcomes
      » Podcast puts global conservation into local conversations
      » Avoiding environmental decisions where good intentions have bad outcomes
      » Enjoy Moreton Bay at free Redcliffe UQ Biodiversity Roadshow
      » Whale sharks call Ningaloo Reef home all year
      » Reintroduced marsupials may pose new threat to ground-dwelling birds
      » Addressing stakeholder values key to success for projects
      » Tropical forest reserves shown to slow down global warming
      » Great Barrier Reef protected zones help fish in even lightly-exploited areas
      » Resilient reefs offer hope for regeneration
      » Soccer success is all about skill
      » For frog’s sake: residents asked to eavesdrop to help save local species
      » Lizards of Oz take toll on turtle eggs
      » Prestigious ecology award recognises UQ migratory bird expert
      » Space-inspired study unravels mysterious constellations of the oceans
      » Australian bird of the year shares ancestral links with New Guinea
      » UQ scientists among most highly cited researchers
      » Living out of town can be a big disadvantage
      » Turkey-sized dinosaur discovered in ancient log-jam
      » Elephant conservation is life’s work for UQ science graduate
      » Genetic variation shown as the tool for natural selection
      » Saving horses from scary hairy caterpillars
      » New insights revealed on mammal collection from 19th century expedition
      » Homeward Bound - UQ women to lead and learn on voyage to Antarctica
      » Bolting birds help reveal dinosaur gait
      » Sharks are jaw-some
      » Summer projects put students into research mode
      » Big agenda for UQ UNESCO star
      » Biology rankings reflect increasing global recognition
      » Queensland’s new land clearing bill will help turn the tide, despite its flaws
      » Cretaceous croc had steamy past
      » New coral bleaching outbreak in NT a worrying sign of our warming oceans
      » Why we are measuring the health of Australian vegetation poorly
      » Whale shark research boosted with bequest
      » Lost ship re-found in Vanuatu tropical paradise
      » New game means science knowledge is far from extinct
      » How the 2016 bleaching altered the shape of the northern Great Barrier Reef
      » Podcast: Saving Australia’s Jurassic Park
      » Crowdfunding supports biodiversity conservation around the world
      » Carnivore snacks debunk theory of turtles’ strict herbivore diet
      » Podcast: Biting back against shark myths
      » Removing predators doesn’t guarantee bird safety
      » A journey back to sea
      » Study finds marine protected areas can help coral reefs
      » Federal Budget analysis by State: The Conversation
      » Copy-cat sea slugs vary in toxicity and taste
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