The International Programs unit is dedicated to the administration and pastoral care of international students studying with the School of Biological Sciences. With a history of excellence in international education dating back to 1996 our programs allow students to interact, study and experience through field work some unique Australian ecosystems. Our faculty is skilled in developing high value courses in marine and terrestrial sciences utilizing the considerable resources of the University of Queensland. We foster leading study abroad courses in marine (MARS2005) and terrestrial environments (BIOL2001), bringing study abroad and exchange students face to face with Australia’s remarkable wildlife. We also organise and run bespoke programs for our partners such as Stanford University, the University of California and the Partnership for Global Education.

Our guiding principles

  • Our past and present success are a function of the dedication of individual faculty, tutors and professional staff, as well as our colleagues overseas, to outcomes for students and partners

  • Quality field experiences at world class facilities are highly valued by our students and partners

  • We provide safe learning experiences and working environments

  • We consider pastoral care vital and every student to be an individual

  • We minimise our impacts on the environment and deal ethically with animals and their habitats

  • We participate in an active community with our alumni and facilitate opportunities for career development and further training



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