Flexible Study Options

The School of Biological Sciences offers two different study pathways to suit the lifestyle and work commitments of potential students in the Master of Conservation Biology/Conservation Biology programs. These structured pathways are (i) the full time Master of Conservation Biology/Conservation Science which involves 12 months of full-time study, while (ii) the flexible part time, which is only available to domestic students, can be completed in 2 years alongside work and family commitments.

The Master of Conservation Biology/Conservation Sciences is designed around blocks of field work. As a prospective part time student it is important to understand that the part time option is not the same as traditional part time studies. Students who enter the program as a part-time student will have periods where they will need to complete coursework in a full time format over 4 weeks. All of the field courses have been designed around a 4 week structure which includes compulsory field work activities.

Student wishing to either increase or decrease their enrolment pattern must contact biology.enquiries@uq.edu.au to get approval for changes to their enrolment.

Students can follow this recommended minimum enrolment pattern.

Year 1 - Semester 2

CONS6009 Conservation and Wildlife Biology
CONS7008 Ecological Survey and Analysis

Summer Semester

CONS7024 Marine Conservation
CONS7025 Rainforest Conservation

Year 2 - Semester 1

CONS7023 Applied Fauna Conservation
CONS7022 Ecology and Management of Invasive Species

Semester 2

CONS7026 Conservation in Context
ENVM7505 International and National Conservation Policy

Summer Semester

CONS7009 Human Dimensions in Conservation

Year 3 - Semester 1

CONS7027 Conservation Concerns: An Industry Perspective
CONS7021 Conservation Decision-Making

Semester 2

PHIL7221 Environmental Philosophy

Please note that all students must complete CONS6009 and CONS7008 before they can progress and enrol in any other courses in either program.