Full details on how to apply, the cost of the program and courses that you will study can be found on the following websites:

Master of Conservation Biology

Master of Conservation Science

How to apply

The UQ Programs and Website provides information on the following:

  • Overview
  • Program details
  • How to apply

Admission process

  • There is a quota of 32 attached to the program
  • Admission is based on academic merit and students having the relevant academic background. The GPA cut-off for admission will vary, depending on the standard of the cohort of students
  • There are 2 rounds of offers - students with a GPA of 6 will be granted immediate entry into the program in the 1st round.
  • Domestic students with a low GPA will will be advised to enrol in the Diploma of Science and complete BIOL2006, BIOL2010 and BIOL3209 and achieve a GPA of 5 to gain entry into the program.
  • Domestic students without the relevant background will need to complete the Diploma of Science ensuring that the above 3 courses are completed as part of the Diploma.
  • No deferrals of commencement date will be granted. If a student wishes to defer their commencement date they will need to be re-assessed together with the incoming students.

Due dates

To commence in July applications must be submitted on or before:

  • 1 April of the year of commencement (International applicants)

  • 16 May of the year of commencement (Domestic applicants)


Program guidelines