“Over your year-long program our objective is to test your pre conceptions of conservation, to challenge your judgment on solutions to complex conservation problems, and to explore alternative solutions to these complex issues. Challenges to biological conservation across the world often share more similarities than differences, and our program will prepare you to confront these issues anywhere in the world.”

Dr Berndt van Rensburg
Program Director, Master of Conservation Biology

Master of Conservation Biology Teaching Team:

Students of the Master of Conservation Biology benefit from their teachers conducting cutting edge research that ensures the transfer of the most up to date skills, techniques and knowledge. Read more about some of the staff in the teaching team below.

Dr Berndt van Rensburg Processes underlying patterns in the distribution of biodiversity
Dr Rod Fensham Quantitative field ecology in Queensland 
Dr Diana Fisher Mammal ecology, conservation and behaviour
Prof Craig Franklin Ecophysiology and conservation of fish, frogs and reptiles
Dr Richard Fuller Biodiversity and conservation in a human-dominated world
A/Prof Anne Goldizen Vertebrate behaviour, social systems and conservation
Dr John Hall Terrestrial ecology and animal-plant interactions
A/Prof Salit Kark Biodiversity, conservation priorities and invasive species
Dr Janet Lanyon Marine biology
Dr Katrina McGuigan Processes generating and eliminating genetic variation
Prof Peter Mumby Coral reef resilience
Dr Cynthia Riginos Using genetic markers as tools for understanding dispersal and gene flow
A/Prof Ian Tibbetts Ecology and biology of fishes
 Dr Selina Ward  Coral reef ecology and physiology