The School of Biological Sciences has more than 200 postgraduate research students who are enrolled across our disciplines pursuing Master or Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

Prospective students can investigate funding opportunities to pursue projects in our School which have a strong emphasis on collaborative, multidisciplinary teaching and research. When evaluating your postgraduate opportunities, look for a fit between your interests and the focus on research being performed by individual academic staff. The UQ Graduate School has extensive resources for potential domestic and international students including information on the application process.

In support of our postgraduate students the Faculty of Science funds a statistical advisor who is located in the Goddad Building.

Our research and coursework postgraduate students are an integral part of the intellectual and social life of the School.

Each year the postgraduate representatives have the opportunity to invite a visiting academic as part of the Postgraduate Visiting Scholar Program in addition to the School’s seminar program.

For more information, please contact the Postgraduate Administration Officer.

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