Comments on the MConsBiol courses

CONS7024 - Marine Conservation

What can we do for the big blue? - by 2013/2014 student Jason Sheehan

“The CONS7024 Marine Conservation course completely opened my eyes up to a whole new world. Having experience only in terrestrial ecology and having a fear of deep open water and sharks made it daunting at first. However, at Heron Island I was able to challenge these fears and by doing so gain an appreciation for coral reefs and marine life. The complex beauty of these systems became apparent to me and seeing these creatures up close in their habitat was a really rewarding experience.”
Lisa Bond (Master of Conservation Biology student – 2013/14)

"A well-organized, fun, and very helpful class! And also this is the most exciting course that I've had: sharks, stingrays, pipefishes, sea turtles, butterflyfishes, etc. Everything is simply awesome! If you don't know which course to choose, don't hesitate, take it! This will give you a valuable experience that you'll never forget in your life!"
Tyler Xu (Master of Conservation Biology student – 2013/14)

CONS7025 - Rainforest Conservation

Saving rainforests using carbon markets - by 2013/2014 student Amy Quintin

“This class definitely keeps you busy, but it’s worth it to perform fieldwork while wandering through giant bunya pines and nothofagus trees reminiscent of Gondwana. Rainforests are complex systems, and understanding them is just as complex, but who said it can’t also be fun? Embrace this subtropical adventure!”
José Fernando Pontón (Master of Conservation Biology student – 2013/14)

CONS7027 - An Industry Perspective

Building key skills for successful conservation careers - by 2013/14 student Amy Quintin

"The industry course was interesting and gave me direction for which career path I would like to take. The Government module was surprisingly inspiring. I never considered myself going into government after graduation but the guest lecturer who taught the class was fantastic and motivational. The Non-Government Organisation guest lecturer taught me what is possible and gave me hope for the future of conservation, as well as showing me jobs where I can “work” on an exotic island. This is where I would like to see my career heading in the future."
Natalie Faulds (Master of Conservation student - 2013/14)